Escape Artist - Curtis Lovell II:

Since age 7, when Curtis Lovell II's father magically pulled a coin from his ear, Curtis has immersed himself in the world of magic and escaped in the history of Harry Houdini.  Lovell’s uncompromising work ethic—combined with astonishing talent, skill, vision and daring escapes—prompted CBS News, NewsAsia, Washington Times, Los Angeles Times,, NBC News and many other media outlets to hail Lovell as "The Houdini of our time." 


Lovell has been buried alive twice—on Halloween 2008 and 2012—an escape that Houdini said he would only do once because of its inherent level of danger. Lovell also has been shackled and dropped into the Singapore River, cut celebrity Paris Hilton in half, read the mind of personality Nicole Richie and was challenged by members of the U.S. Military to escape from a straitjacket.  He was an opening act for both legendary movie actor Tony Curtis and talk show host Larry King during award ceremonies in 2009 and 2012. Some of Lovell's television guest appearances have included the shows “MANswers,” “The Simple Life with Paris Hilton,” “Living in LA LA Land” and “Gene Simmons Family Jewels.”

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Qoutes about Escape Artist - Curtis Lovell II:

“We had the largest attendance to date and I know that Curtis' Escape Stunt and the publicity built around it was definitely responsible for the increase,"
- Steve Berry City of Grand Terrace

CBS News

“Modern Day Houdini.”

Washington Times:

“Houdini Factor.”

LA Citizen Magazine:

“I’m fully convinced, he is the HOUDINI, the premiere escape artist, of our time.”

The Press-Telegram:

"How many people can say they have cut Paris Hilton in half? I believe only Curtis can."

Blade Magazine:

He is most likely to become a household name.

Larry King:

“His talents will shine with the stars, and I am sure I will be seeing him around.”

Tony Curtis:

“His water escape performance moved and wowed the audience and me -- he is truly amazing!”

C.W. Driver:

“I received nothing but outstanding compliments on Curtis’ performance.”

Ascott International:

“A wonderful time...The endless laughter and joy Curtis brought to our guests is impeccable.”

Polio Survivors Foundation:

“His performance was delightful, entertaining and certainly professional.”

Please visit Lovell’s main website:

Curtis Lovell Escapes all around the world including; Los Angeles CA, Las Vegas, New York, Asia, Europe, China, Singapore, Philippines and your country!